Do – It – Yourself Credit Repair for Beginners

Get a copy of your most recent credit report from all 3 credit bureaus

Carefully determine the accuracy of your credit report
Verify name, address, social security number and ALL listed items

Look for errors on all your credit accounts Determine which dispute letters are necessary

Be responsible going forward
Pay bills on time from this moment on
If you can not pay balances in full ALWAYS PAY THE MINIMUM
Set up AUTO PAY for recurring payments (including loans and credit card payments)

Pay down credit card balances
As you can try doubling up on minimum monthly payments or even taking a percentage of your weekly/biweekly paycheck to allocate for your credit card balance

Do not apply for new credit
Using a credit monitoring website or app you can regularly check your credit score
Wait at least 3-6 months and when you see a difference in your score to apply for new credit