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Having great credit is worth fighting for…
and no one will fight harder for your credit than you will! 

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Progress is a predictable step by step process.  We can help!

Just like with your own physical health, curing financial ails takes the right remedy.  Credit Score Doctor was created to help the everyday hardworking individual, like yourself, stop being bullied by the flawed financial system.  Start disputing like a pro with our professionally written dispute letters!

You have the right to fight against the burden and stigma of bad credit.  Credit Score Doctor has professionally written dispute letters for every situation. 

When you become a member, you will have these tools at your disposal and depending upon your level of need, access to educational material and our trained professionals ready to help you see the benefits of great credit.

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Need some help?  We can join the fight and make sure you are sending the right dispute letters.
(Package must include professional dispute coaching)

Sending the right dispute letter for each account significantly increases your chance of success! We offer a variety of services in our service packages to help you take control of your credit score. From Ebooks to daily emails consisting of credit score coaching and credit building tips.  Our number one goal is to help you improve and repair your credit score. Let’s make that happen!


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Signing up today gives you immediate access to the tools available in the package you select.  It won’t take long to begin to understand the path to success, but more importantly the realization that curing your credit is possible. 

Repair your credit with these simple steps:

– Download your dispute letter(s)
– Make a copy of your driver’s license and a utility bill
– Send your letter, driver’s license, and utility bill to the bureaus

Once the process is underway, you are now on the right path to restoring your credit. 

Improve your credit through our simple process!

This service does not impact your credit score.