Everyone wants the coveted American Express Card


Not only does an American Express card give you bragging rights it has an amazing list of benefits and rewards.  The travel perks are some of the best around.  AMEX offers their members exclusive airport lounge access, concierge services and other additional benefits such as extended warranties and outstanding customer service.  American Express cards are the most prestigious charge cards and credit cards on the market.




What is the difference between an AMEX charge card and an AMEX credit card?

A charge card has no pre-spending limit but you cannot finance charges meaning you must pay your balance in full each month

A credit card has a credit limit and you are able to finance charges over a period of time meaning you can make minimum payments and carry over you balance to the next month



How do you get approved for an American Express Credit Card?

You need a few things prior to getting approved for an American Express card:


Make sure you have existing primary credit card accounts.  You can have authorized user accounts but AMEX will not approve you if you do not have at least 3 open primary credit card accounts with revolving credit.

AMEX cannot be used as a starter card and you cannot be brand new to credit and start with one of their cards.  Great starter credit cards to start building credit are the Capital One Platinum Card, the Discover IT card and the Chase Freedom credit card.  If you do not have any primary accounts it would be best to start with one of those credit cards before applying for an American Express card.


If you are not in the public records system you must find a way to do so.  The most common public records system is Lexis Nexis.  It is basically a database of all of your public records information.  Once you are on Lexis Nexis that is when you start getting pre-approval offers in the mail.  The pre-approval offers are the best way to apply for credit cards.  If you are not in the public records system one way to do so is apply for a fishing license in your state.  Its an easy process you can do it online.  Another way to get into public record is to sign up for rewards cards for at least 3 stores in your area.  These can include your local supermarket, Walgreens, CVS, Rite-Aide basically any store that has a rewards style card you can use to shop.  To be approved for an American Express card it is important you are listed in public record.


There is a reason AMEX is the most prestigious credit card around.  They require a credit score of at least 700 for approval.  The average American has a credit score of 715.  Do not even try to apply for an American Express card if your credit score is any lower than that.  It’s worth taking the time and repairing your credit to increase your credit score prior to applying for an American Express card. 




Do you want to know an American Express credit card secret?

You can apply for up to 5 cards and only have

one hard inquiry show on your credit report.

The way to do this is you apply online for 5 separate American Express credit cards within a 30 minute window.  After each time you submit your online application you will receive an email with a reference number and phone number to call.  Once you call into the American Express number provided you will then have to give additional information such as your address and annual income for approval.  Be sure to sound confident, give the representative your AMEX reference number and let them know you want to know your credit line so you can start using your card as soon as possible.  Do not let them know you just applied for 5 different American Express cards. 

Once you are approved and get all your information you move onto American Express card number 2.  Again go to the second email that was sent with your reference number for card number 2.  Call the American Express number speak to the representative for approval.  It will always be a different representative because you are calling a different American Express card department.  After you finish with card number 2 you move onto card number 3…. Then card number 4 and finally you will finish with American Express credit card number 5.  Once complete you will have 5 brand new AMEX cards with 1 hard inquiry on your credit report.

Follow all of the above steps and you will be on your way towards getting approved for an American Express card.  While some AMEX cards do have annual fees the bonuses, perks and rewards will add enough value to make it worthwhile. (Best American Express cards of 2020)