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Great Credit?

Peace of Mind is in your future.


The negative impact of bad credit is immeasurable but curing your credit is not impossible.  Say goodbye to the days where you lack options to advance your life forward, make needed purchases, and have to defend your reputation.  

Credit Score Doctor has the prescription to heal your financial status due to negative credit reporting. 

Choose the package that’s right for you.


  • Professionally written dispute letters make it easy for you to be effective.  Just drop in your information and send.
  • Educational materials to guide you through every step of curing your credit.
  • Ongoing daily support right to your inbox*
  • Professional coaching in the dispute process with direct email support.*
    * available only with select packages

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Priced to fit every budget and positioned to tackle every situation.  Let’s get started!

Is your credit as good as it could be? Find out now!

This service does not impact your credit score.